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"After years of wear and tear on the body, I find it necessary to have help in keeping the spine and other joints of the body in line, allowing me a more comfortable lifestyle. My visits with Dr. Ferrin have done wonders! Not only does he keep everything in line, he also sends me away with many helpful suggestions that help me maintain that alignment. Thank you!"

Verne Soltis
Pitcher for the New York Giants / Retired School Teacher
"Ava developed colic in the weeks after her birth. She had at least one episode a day, lasting twenty minutes and up to two hours.

The colic prevented us from sleeping. We walked her for an hour each night until she fell asleep in her stroller. We then let her sleep the night in it; sitting up was the only position that helped her pass the gas!

We had tried gas drops, colonic massage and probiotics. Conventional 'wisdom' says you can't do much for colic and that you have to ride it out over the months, but I couldn't accept that approach. I needed to help her and make her comfortable.

After starting chiropractic care with Dr. Marc, she's had very few colic episodes, and now she is doing great with absolutely NO colic! Overall, the improvement has been amazing! A baby who cries less is a dream for parents and children alike. I am very pleased with the results and the gentle, non-invasive treatment she has been given."

Ava Gallie with her Mom and Dad
"When I finally came to Dr. Ferrin's office I was really hurting! I had been to other chiropractors, but wasn't getting any better. After only a few adjustments I began to notice a change. Foot pain, which had been nagging me for years, began to subside. Not only did I feel better, but the before and after x-rays showed dramatic changes! I have been to chiropractors from Boston to Bainbridge Island. Dr. Ferrin is the most gentle and effective chiropractor I've ever been to. I love him!"

Annette Griffith
"My name is Jackie Henning. When I first came to see Dr. Ferrin over four years ago, I had lower back pain and fibromyalgia with constant leg and foot pain. It was horrible! I had been to medical doctors, physical therapists and other chiropractors. I even used over-the-counter drugs. Nothing helped get rid of the pain!

After I began seeing Dr. Marc, the pain began to subside. I attest that these treatments have done a great job for me. Four years later and I am still pain free! I just can't believe how much better life is now. I am now very active in my garden doing what I love to do.

If you have pain, maybe Dr. Marc can help you too!"

Jackie Henning
"I've been a PGA professional for over 55 years and needless to say, have used my back throughout those years! When my back went out, it was either go under the knife or take the advice of a friend and see a chiropractor. Dr. Marc Ferrin was the first chiropractor I had ever been to, and since he began adjusting me, I've been able to move so much better. The back pain is gone and I am A-OKAY! Dr. Ferrin has changed my outlook!"

Lester Moe
PGA professional for 55 years
"My shoulder problem began about a year ago. I have been in medicine for years, so when I had shoulder pain, I went to a specialist who took x-rays and an MRI, and gave me steroid injections. My shoulder pain continued to keep me from working out and enjoying my favorite activities. I saw Dr. Ferrin's flyer and made an appointment. He performed an exam, took his own x-rays, and said he would tell me whether or not he could help me. He began to adjust me and after ten adjustments I am able to work out hard and be pain free. Maybe chiropractic can help you! Call Dr. Ferrin's office and make an appointment to find out!"

Dennis Johnston "DJ"
Sound Anesthesia
"When I came to Dr. Ferrin I was unable to walk and my shoulder was frozen. Now I am able to walk and my shoulder has improved considerably. Dr. Ferrin has changed my life!"

Bon Lietourneau
Professional Hockey player for 20 years.
"Thank you Dr. Marc, for all your great work on my body! You are VERY VERY good and my back has never felt better! I'm only sad that we live 1,000 miles apart!"

Keith Cunningham
MBA / Author who raised $1 billion in business capital